The Fenestration Society of BC (FES-BC) is the educational arm of the Fenestration Association of BC (FEN-BC). It is FES-BC's mandate to provide accessible, quality education for those in the fenestration industry - from new apprentices to veteran journeypersons. Our goal is to meet the present and future educational needs of the fenestration industry in British Columbia.

"Education for Western Canada's Fenestration Industry"

FEN-BC is a nonprofit trade association representing the interests of businesses engaged in the fenestration industry in BC, and other interested parties. Formed by the merger of the Glazing Contractors Association of BC (GCABC) and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association of BC (WDMA-BC), FEN-BC represents all parties engaged in the commercial and residential sectors of the fenestration industry.

Membership includes manufacturers and installers of fenestration products that encompass the entire range of glass and related framing systems used in building construction: windows, doors, skylights, window walls, curtain walls, and storefronts. FEN-BC membership also includes component suppliers, door prehangers, service providers, window and door dealers, architectural and engineering professionals, and other interested parties.

FEN-BC provides value and benefit to members with training and educational programs, publications, marketing and advertising opportunities, networking events and partnering programs.


FES-BC's goal is to improve and enhance the fenestration business climate in British Columbia by:

  • To provide training to the fenestration industry.
  • To research and create new training mechanisms.
  • To ensure the education needs of the fenestration industry are met.
  • o ensure the highest quality of learning resources and training are available to the fenestration industry.