Glazier Apprentice Training Program

Train for a Career as a Glazier

A Glazier measures, handles, cuts, prepares, installs and repairs all types of glass, mirrors and glass substitutes, typically in buildings or on the exterior walls of buildings. Glazier is a nationally designated trade under the Inter-provincial Red Seal program. When Glaziers are working on commercial buildings, they are often involved in the layout, preparation, fabrication and replacement of architectural metal components like storefront systems, entranceways, windows, skylights and curtainwall systems. When they work on commercial buildings they can be expected to work from scaffolds to manoeuvre glass panels lifted to them by cranes.

While there are a number of Glaziers working in building construction and renovation projects, there are many others who replace windows and windshields in vehicles and install skylights and special glass in churches, museums and other establishments. Glaziers are now becoming involved in manufacturing furniture, display cabinets, bathroom fixtures and decorative windows. In other cases, they create custom-designed glass installations for residential and commercial use.

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Industry Training Authority (ITA) Information

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Find Your Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship training is for those currently working in the industry, and who are indentured into a formal agreement between the employer and the Industry Training Authority. Students must have a valid Trade Worker Identification Number and Apprenticeship number.

If you are not currently employed in the glazing industry, FEN-BC / GCABC can indenture you. This is applicable for Level 1 training only. This will ensure that you are eligible to apply for an apprentice number with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

Once indentured, through our large industry network, FES-BC can help you find apprentice opportunities available.

Train for a Glazier Career at FES-BC

FES-BC offers all levels needed to reach certification:

Note: FES-BC awards a limited number of bursaries to persons interested in pursuing a glazing career through our school. Please find more information here.

Training Facility

5500 - 180 Street (Kwantlen Polytech University - KPU)
Cloverdale, BC
V3S 6R1
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If you have any questions regarding the Glazier Apprenticeship Training Program at FES-BC, please do contact us.