Hazard Recognition and Control

Format: Classroom
Duration: 1 day
Cost: FEN-BC Member 210.00

Costs include GST, coffee  and light lunch

FEN-BC Non-Member 315.00

Costs include GST, coffee  and light lunch


A successful candidate will recieve a certificate of completion.

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This session is designed to provide participants the required knowledge to understand the principle of hazard recognition and control as well as the methods used to ensure hazards are identified and adequately addressed in the workplace. At the end of the sessions participants will have an understanding of the requirements for identifying hazards, the tools required to assess the identified hazards and score them by priority, and methods to take the information gathered and develop Safe Work Procedures to mitigate the hazards. Participants will take part in reviewing a number of hazard scenarios as well as developing procedures to mitigate the identified hazards.

Topics covered:

  • The regulatory requirements to identify and assess hazards.
  • Who may do a hazard assessment?
  • How to gather information regarding the hazards of a process?
  • How to conduct interviews with persons familiar with the process being assessed?
  • Developing appropriate conclusions and mitigating factors.
  • Completing the Hazard Assessment Form and develop Safe Work Procedures.


Terry Duncan is an independent safety specialist with over 30 years of experience in occupational safety. Past roles include safety coordinator for Dominion Bridge of Western Canada, and safety coordinator/industrial engineer for Freightliner Canada. Terry was also directly involved in the development of the City of Vancouver’s TSC/CSO training program.  He has worked in construction, manufacturing, forestry, pulp and paper, and municipal and provincial governments. In 1998, Terry was voted senior Safety Professional of the Year by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.